This section deals with frequently asked questions.

Q: Who are the main characters based on?

A: Most of the Weapons of Ganildan's main characters are based on close friends of mine. I incorporated their first names, personalities and even went as far as choosing face sets that most resembled them in looks.
Peter was based on myself, Emy was based on my best friend and girlfriend, Douglas was based on my second best friend, William was based on another good friend of mine, and Christopher and Mathyou were based on my two oldest and best online buddies. Also, my friend, Josh of Kamain's World had a secondary character based on him.

Q: How did the chapter idea come about?

A: I decided to divide TWOG up into three chapters due to the vast amount of time it takes to make a good RPG. I set out to accomplish a goal with each chapter. The first chapter is an introduction that introduces the characters to the players. The second chapter contains the quest element and provides a back-story on the Weapons. The third chapter wraps it all up in a grand conclusion. Now that the game is completed it plays as one big game without chapter sub-divides as I had originally intended it to.