About This Website

The Weapons of Ganildan is an RPG that was made using RPG Maker 2000. It was, initially, released in three parts before it was released as one game. Work started on the game in 2001 and completed in 2007. I left the website up because I feel that the game is still well worth playing due to it's story and characters. I, the game's creator, am still around. If you have an questions, feel like talking about RPG Maker, are an old fan or a new one, or want to trade links (My website could use it, since most of the websites my site was linked to are long gone and have since been removed from my Related Links section.), send me an email at: misplaced_alchemist@hotmail.com. Don't be a stranger!


4/09/2023: I have some exciting news! Physical copies of The Weapons of Ganildan are now available. Click here for details.

01/08/2022: I updated the Related Links section with a link to my friend, David's band, Ghost Painted Sky's bandcamp page.

4/18/2018: I updated the Related Links section with a link to my ambient project, Twelve-Sided Hole, which can be found and listened to here.

4/20/2016: I haven't had much of a reason to update this website since the game was completed in 2007, but when I found out about my old friend, Matt's passing, I had to make a rememberace page for him. The Weapons of Ganildan character, Mathyou was based on him. You can find the page I made for him here here. RIP, Matt. You will be missed.

2/28/2007: The third and final chapter of the Weapons of Ganildan has been completed. You can now download and play the full version of the game without chapter sub-divides. Be sure to delete the old game file before installing the new one for those of you who have it on your computer. This game took many years to complete, so I hope that all of you will enjoy playing it.

2/02/2007: I have completed work on Chapter 3's ending scenes. All that's left is the programming of the game's battles. I hope to have them completed sometime this month.

1/12/2007: I am currently working on the third and final chapter's ending scenes. I should have them completed by the end of this month.

12/20/2006: I didn't get a lot of work done on Chapter 3 since my last news update because December has been a very busy month for me. The good news is that pretty much all that remains is the programming of the game's battles and the game's ending scenes. I should have it completed sometime next month.

11/24/2006: Chapter 3 has been coming along great. I've added four more of the game's screenshots here.

11/14/2006: Screenshots of Chapter 3 are now up. They can be found here. I'll have some more up by the next news update.

11/02/2006: First off, I want to apologize for the late news update. I was without Internet access for three weeks due to an early snowstorm that we got here in Western New York. I did get quite a lot of work done on Chapter 3 before the storm hit and after I got my electricity back. It's now 80% complete. It's possible that I'll have it finished by December, but I don't want to make any guarantees at the moment. I will have some screenshots up by the next news update.

9/24/2006: I have finished taking notes on Chapter 3 and I have already started to work on the game's maps.

9/12/2006: Okay, folks, this is my first news update in regards to Chapter 3. Chapter 3 is going to be very interesting chapter. It'll complete the trilogy and answer all of the questions raised by the first two. Due to the good feedback I've received on the second chapter, I decided to make the full version of the third. I'm still taking notes on it, so it's still a long ways off from being completed. I suggest stopping by here every couple of weeks to see how things are going. Also, I highly recommend joining the Chapter 3 notification list so that I can email you when it's out.