Back story:

The Weapons of Ganildan were two massive cannons that were created by a powerful magician named Ganildan hundreds of years ago during the Great War. Although little is known about him, the tale of his creations lives on to this day. It is said that the weapons had the power to magnify a magic spell and make it a thousand times more powerful then it originally was.
From his high tower, Ganildan used his weapons to obliterate everyone and everything that stood in his way, including whole cities. To survive his wraith, people started to live underground where they built installations and continued to carry on their fight from. Seeing no possible end in sight, a group of skilled warriors under their leader, Alexander formulated a plan to break into the tower by tunneling under it. Once inside they were to work their way up to the top of the tower where they would find and destroy the cannons.
Everything went as planned. They successfully broke into the tower from underneath it and took the Ganildan's guards by surprise. When they finally reached the top of the tower they managed to defeat Ganildan in battle. The warriors were then faced with a new problem and that was destroying the cannons. They seemed to have been made from an indestructible metal and every attempt they had made to try and destroy them failed. It was then decided that they should be dismantled into their separate parts and then hidden throughout the land. This way, they could never be reassembled and used again.
Hundreds of years have passed since the Great War had come to an end. The land was to see many more conflicts before there would come a time of peace, but none were as immense. For the last fifty years the land has been blessed with a period of peace and prosperity. And up until recently that peace has been kept…

Our story:

Our story begins with a young man by the name of Peter. He was originally a member of the King's Elite Knights until he quit due to a lack of personal freedom. Later on, he decided to move west to the small town of Eden with his girlfriend, Emy where he found work as a freelance assignment handler for the town's Mayor.
Things seemed to be going well for Peter, but he still had some doubts about quitting the Elite Knights. There were a few aspects that he missed about the whole ordeal and one of them was the occasional chance for adventure. Sure, the assignments he got from the town's Mayor kept him busy, but they weren't very exciting. However, all that was soon to change…
When a small town northeast of Eden begins to get attacked by a group of monsters, Peter and his friend, William are given the task to look into the problem. As the plot begins to unfold, they discover that things aren't as they seem, the attacks are just a small part of something bigger. Something that will prove that the Weapons of Ganildan do, in fact, exist.

Join Peter, Emy, William, Chris, and Mathyou as they set out on a quest to seek out the truth and thwart the forces of evil, all within a wonderfully done RPG adventure!