Reviews from people that played the game.  More will be added here in the future.  A big thanks to everyone that took the time to type one up and send it in!
Chris O's Reveiw:

Being a seasoned veteran on old school NES and SNES RPG's such as Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior to name a few, The Weapons of Ganildan is a very impressive RPG done by one man and alot of hours. Though fairly long for just having one person do it and being done with RPG Maker 2000, it kind of feels like chapter 1 of a RPG with many chapters that will suck you in and actually have you caring for the characters and laughing along right side them.

A sequel, or in my eyes, chapter 2, has been talked about. Whether it will be done with RPG Maker 2000 or RPG Maker 2003, makes no difference. I know for a fact that you can expect the same emotion and humor that the first one has brought to the table and most likely raise the bar for home made RPG's every where.