Related Links

Kamain's World (The link is down.)

Kamain's World was my friend, Josh's website for his Reality Breakdown series, plus a handful of other submitted RPG Maker 2000 games. It was a cool place to submit games to, but, alas, is no more. Josh is still out there, though. I exchanged some emails with him in 2016. It was good to hear from him. I don't know why I'm leaving this here. I guess in remembrance. Maybe the site will come back one day. Who knows.

Other Links

Twelve-Sided Hole

An ambeint project of mine.

Remembering Matthew Davis

A small rememerance page I made for my late friend, Matt who The Weapon's of Ganildan character, Mathyou was based on.

Twelfth Of Never

Here's a link to Twelfth Of Never's bandcamp page, which is a very talented, but, now, defunct band that my late friend, Matt was a part of. I used to have the official page linked, but it is no more.

Ghost Painted Sky

A link to my friend, David's band, Ghost Painted Sky's bandcamp page. I've been following them since 2017. They're quite good and well worth checking out.