Main Characters

Peter  Emy  William  Chris  Mathyou

Peter: Peter was originally a member of the King’s Elite Knights until he quit due to the lack of personal freedom.  Later on he decided to move west to the small town of Eden where he now works as a freelance assignment handler for the town’s mayor.  He loves a good adventure and will do whatever it takes to get the job done even if that means putting himself in danger.

Emy: Emy is Peter’s long time girlfriend and can often be found tagging along with him on one of his assignments.  She appears to be a very meek person and as a result Peter is overly protective of her.  However one shouldn’t let that fool them because she has been secretly trained in the use of magic as well as martial arts and may very well be one of the land’s strongest fighters. 

William: William was one of the first friends that Peter made when he moved to Eden.  He was originally a very happy fellow until his father passed away.  That combined with his family’s desertion left him feeling hopelessly alone and as a result he attempted to take his own life.  His attempt was foiled by his friends Peter and Douglas who found him unconscious in a pool of blood.

Chris: Chris was born and raised in the former mining town of Hazleton.  Although he is generally a good fellow he has a bit of a temper and tends to fly off the handle at times.  He spends a lot of his time training as a hand fighter and has entered many local-fighting tournaments – winning them all!  He one day hopes to meet up with Peter and go on an adventure together.

Mathyou: Mathyou lives in the secluded town of Baldwinville.  He spent the better part of his younger years working as a freelance explorer.  As a result he is very wise and knows a lot about the land’s ancient history.  Mathyou is also a highly gifted magician that is extremely skilled at breaking magic seals.