I found out about RPG Maker 2000 during January of 2001. Soon after, I downloaded the software and began to work on my very own RPG adventure, The Weapons of Ganildan. I gave special attention to the game's story, characters, and dialog. The primary character of the game was based on myself and the other main characters were based on close friends. Christopher and Mathyou were given major roles in the game because they're both very good online friends of mine, and since we're separated by over 400 miles, we'll probably never do anything together in real life. If any game series influenced me in making my RPG, I would have to say Lunar. In my opinion, it's one of the greatest RPG series of all time.
Chapter 1 was completed in January of 2003 and was exclusively released to my friends who enjoyed playing it and convinced me to make it available to the public. Later that winter, I created the game's first website on Geocities and met Josh of Kamain's World who featured it. It was generally well received and began to gain a fan base, so I decided to go through with making the rest of the series. During the fall of 2003, I began work on a revised edition of the first chapter and started work on the second. The revised edition was released during the summer of 2004. Chapter 2 was completed in July of 2006, test played, and then finally released to the public in August of that year. Currently, the third and final chapter of the series is in the works. Also, I am considering making a remake on the most advanced system after the one on 2000 is completed. I would then offer both the classic version and upgraded version for download.
The Weapons of Ganildan is by far no Lunar or Final Fantasy. It's just a good, little RPG adventure that one man spent countless hours pouring his heart into. I hope that you will take the time to play it.