“Arrow” Keys: Use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to move your characters around and make selections from the menus.  

“Z” Key: Use the Z Key on your keyboard to select things (Such as choices), talk to people, open doors, open chests and go into towns on the world map.

“X” Key: Use the X Key on your keyboard to bring up the menu, from there you can: Check your character’s stats, use Items, check the character’s Tech Skill, select Equipment for your characters, Save the game and End Game.  Also, the X key functions as a cancel button.

“F12” Key: Use the F12 Key on your keyboard to reset the game and go back to the title screen.

“F4 and F5” Keys: Use the F4 and F5 Keys on your keyboard to change the game’s screen size.  Hit F4 once and the screen will go to a medium size; from the medium screen you can hit F5 and make it a mini screen.  When the screen is at a medium or mini size hit F4 again to restore it back to a full screen.