A Tribute to Twelfth Of Never

This page was made in dedication to one of my favorite bands: Twelfth Of Never.

Pictured from left to right: Matthew Davis, Ron Miles, Robin Tinker and Keith Landry.  Original photo by Babble.

I first learned of Twelfth Of Never and received a copy of their first album from one of the band's members Matthew Davis, whom I befriended online several years ago. Upon receiving the album, I became very pleased with it, and it's become a favorite of mine. Blowing Bubbles Through Broken Windows is composed of eight wonderfully done tracks. The songs themselves can best be described as being very dreamlike and unearthly. It's just really great music that takes the mind elsewhere, and if I had to classify it, I'd have to say that it's somewhere along the lines of being Ethereal.

From the very first time that I heard Twelfth Of Never, I knew that they had something very special going for them and that even greater things were to come. Then in 2003, I received a copy of the band's long awaited second album, Things That Were. I was expecting the band to have progressed since their first release, but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to hear. A sound so hauntingly beautiful, music filled with so much emotion. I just couldn't believe it. All the tracks on the album sound great. The vocals are incredible and the background music is just plain amazing. It just all comes together so well. Things That Were is definitely one of the best albums of all time, and is truly destined to become a classic.